Michele Alboreto

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This site was born with the need to make the right tribute to a great man and a great driver. Perhaps is not known and appreciated as he deserves, for all he has given and still could give if fate had not wanted to bring him away.

Michele Alboreto was chosen in 1984 by the "Drake" in Person Enzo Ferrari. The last time that an Italian F1 driver drove a Ferrari was in 1973, the last one was Arturo Merzario.

Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari boss, did not want Italians in his cars but for Michele, he made an exception because he liked him as a person and as a driver.

Michele spent 5 years in Ferrari from 1984 to 1988 nearly won the title of world champion in 1985, seeing it escape not for his faults but to a drop in the reliability of the car in the last races. He was the last Italian Pilot to really fight for the title of World Champion in F1, and was the last Italian driver to win a GP within a Ferrari.

Probably will be no others....